F L O R A L  B A R 


Bar Hours
Thursday through Sunday 2pm - 7pm

Swing by our floral bar and see what we have to offer! Choose flowers by the stem, a signature arrangement, or grab a seat at the bar for a hands on floral experience. We also offer floral subscriptions! See below for more info!

Use the form below to reserve your seat at our floral bar. Reservations are available during flower bar hours ONLY (Th-Sun 2pm-7pm). Reservations made with less then 48 hour notice can not be guaranteed. Experience starts at $45 per person.

Floral Subscriptions


Weekly Floral Subscription
Fresh flowers every Friday.


Bi-Weekly Floral Subscription
Fresh flowers every other Friday.


Monthly Floral Subscription
Fresh flowers once a month.

Floral Illustration by Dune Design