Rental FAQ


Is The Heavy an event venue?

First and foremost, The Heavy is predominately a retail space and is open to the public during operational hours. That being said, we are eager to host smaller gatherings, workshops, and experiences that complement and reinforce our idea of bringing the community together. 

How many people can The Heavy host?

At this time, we’re able to accommodate groups of up to 45.

How much does it cost?

Each rental is customized depending on what is needed! Our team is more than happy to design a quote based on specific time, space, and decor needs. 

Can my group bring in outside food and drink?

Yes! You can bring finger foods and prepared foods that do not need to be cooked or refrigerated. We also have a list of preferred vendors that we can provide as part of your quote!

Can my group bring in outside decor?

The Heavy will be able to provide everything you’ll need to stage and design your event. Please reach out with any specific ideas or requests.

Where can I get additional information about booking?

Contact with any questions!